In a world full of people, do you feel alone? Sometimes a bit empty? Maybe it’s the opposite. You may feel overwhelmed with responsibility, under pressure to commit to others and their needs. Wherever you may find yourself, know that… View Post

As much as I would love to be one of the people who say that they do not care about their social media, I can’t. I can’t say it does it affect me and that it doesn’t occasionally bring me… View Post

The most difficult hike I have every had to do. The elevation, steepness and the over all pace was extremely difficult for me! However, we made it! Being on top of an active volcano to welcome the most beautiful sunrise… View Post

Hey Guys! Welcome back to the routinely posted Monday blog! Sorry this one went up so late. I wanted to have a clean living area before I settled down with a cup of tea to talk to you guys!  … View Post

What is that magic number? Are they too young? Should I start dating now? How long do I date for? How many people can I date? All of those questions start running through our mind right around the time we… View Post