Chicago Baby!

Going down to the windy city was super spontaneous. Filipp and I have been to Chicago a few years ago with our church youth choir. It was fun to reminisce of those times because back then we just started talking=) In most of our pictures from the previous trip there was always a group of people in between us. On this trip we actually got to stand side by side and enjoy the city! img_2438img_2478img_2498img_2502img_2511

Goddess and the Baker! The most amazing coffee shop I have ever been to, and i have been to MANY. I ordered a Wildflower Honey Iced Latte, while the last of the crew was brave and ordered Mayan lattes ( that includes cayenne pepper.)


img_2551img_2588img_2647img_2671img_2691I had no idea who that woman was, but she fixed my hair and took a picture with us!img_2732img_2791img_2810img_2827


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