Honeymoon and Tips!

I’ve been asked to share a bit more of our honeymoon. We have thousands of photos from the trip and sifting through is a pain, but here are the “highlights” of the trip. I’ll organize things day by day=) We went to Maui for our honeymoon and stayed at the most perfect hotel, Fairmont Kea Lani. ( Beautiful architecture and landscaping!!)

So on the 2nd day of our trip we headed out to a Bamboo Forest! Yes, bamboo!! It was so unbelievable. The trees were towering over us, but the best part was the MUD! It rained a bit earlier and the ground was wet and full of mushy clay! img_0950img_0808img_0806img_0913img_0948img_0817img_0688img_0704img_0681img_0673img_0633-2img_0697


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