Our Favorite Saturdays

It is finally the weekend! After this crazy week, of elections, school & work,  boy am I happy to finally have a peaceful Saturday morning. I am a morning person , but having an espresso machine is a great motivator to get up for the other types of mornings 😉

Here are a few things we do to have a great morning:

  1. Have coffee, tea or both! It calms me and is a bit of a habit. We compete on who draws the best latte art.. aha. Yeah, we both kinda suck but it’s fun to play around. img_6056img_6057img_6061img_60772.Hunny and I have been trying to incorporate devotions in to our daily routine. Sometimes the business of our lives, stresses, even goals get in the way of having sometime with our God. Plus, it sets the foundation for the day=)img_60963. Have a mini photo session=) This gets you in a goofy mood and boosts your self-esteem. Be comfortable being in front of the camera and the “photographer”, be in your pj’s, hair up in a huge blob and work it =Pimg_6099img_6116img_6119-2img_6123img_6128Mad hatter time =P ( I knoww my nails are a horror film but it’s okay)img_6130img_6132People watching from your window! Yes, be a creepy creeper, but not in a stalker way=) Keep it on the DL.img_6133img_6134img_6137We also took a 30 minute break to clean.. might not seem like the most pleasant thing to do in the morning but it makes the home so much more enjoyable! Plus we goof around as we clean and dance a lil=)img_6138img_6143img_6148Finally have a little dance party with your lovie! We loveee music and cannot go around without something in the back. This mornings jammin’ was to Odessa!img_6149Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a fabulous morning and the rest of the day!xo

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