A Store That Empowers The Good?! Yes, please!

I usually do not write about stores that I come across, but this one totally blew my mind! Filipp and I wondered around  for over thirty minutes just looking at the decor of the place! Every little corner was thought through with so much care and creativity! The best part is that it was a Christian based store, around  the walls there were verses from the bible and encouraging quotes. Even a little Prayer Request journal was layed out for anyone to express their needs:) Such a great way to bring the community together .  20161121_11382320161121_11375320161121_11370020161121_11363820161121_113552Their clothing is so unique!! I have my eye on a couple of dresses there:)20161121_11350120161121_11340520161121_11331020161121_113204The.Fitting.Rooms.. they were just!! Even coming to the store for an experience in the fitting rooms is worth it 😛  20161121_113050The Name of the store is Altar’d State. They are based in the south but have expanded across the country! 70+ boutiques. (There is one in MOA)

Some of the styles I loved:




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