Our Very 1st Christmas Tree & New Traditions!


SOOO it was the night before Thanksgiving and we just could not wait to get a Christmas Tree! We agreed on getting nothing taller than a six foot tree, so we got a seven 1/2 ft tree. It is so beautiful! We are so excited to start off our own  Christmas traditions.

  1. We will definitely be getting a real tree every year. I love the smell! Our little place looks so cozy with a tree! We don’t get much sun light so all my plants die… it’s depressing. The only things still standing is my cactus …that survived in my dorm and is literally growing in ground coffee beans ( he is a survivor), and our succulent that we got for our engagement. So its nice to have a living tree, even if it’s just for the holidays.
  2. We might make getting our tree before Thanksgiving a tradition! Why not, right?
  3. Setting up the tree together is a must!  I know that many families fade on this once the years go by, but no wayyyy for us. It’s such a wonderful thing to bond over. Once the years go on the only thing that we will change is the number of family members decorating =)
  4. Listening to our Christmas Vinyls! We are obsessed with our record player. It’s like a little time machine=)

Anyways, enough on the ranting. Do you guys have any fun holiday traditions?

-Love, Olesya


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