Holiday Present Tips!

It is the wonderful time of the year again! All the lights and decorations are up and people get a  little nicer and more aware of everyone around them. I love to plan out gifts for my family, and since it’s sooo huge being original gets to be tough. Not only do you want your gift to be original but also useful to the person you are gifting it to.

Filipp and I skipped the whole beating around the bush and actually made Christmas lists. We made it fun and sooo much easier, ( well easier for Filipp). I think that it is super hard to shop for guys but my husband argues the opposite, haha. Since we don’t do gifts on Birthdays or Anniversaries, (instead we do trips) Christmas is a great time to get those presents rolling.

Here are 5 ideas that could be an awesome gifts for the ladies!

  1. Curling Wand!  This guy actually comes with a 5 set of interchangeable barrels/various sizes! It is so convenient and saves so much room, especially when traveling. Curling Wand


  2.  Dresses! Yes, dresses! I am the  kinda person who would take a skirt over pants any day.  Tip for size: Dresses with A-line skirts  are so much easier to buy when you are not sure of the size, since they are loose on the bottom. It is always awkward to gift clothing that doesn’t fit..       Pink Dress It is also 50% off now!dzz71528_nude_xl
  3. Silky Pajamas…because sleep is important and sleeping in silk is pure wonderfulness.
  4. Cotton-blend Hooded Rain Coat So darn cute!73083646_94
  5. This one is my favorite! Make something yourself=) A card, bath-bomb, brownies, anything and everything. It is all about the thought!

Best Wishes to All of you! Merry Christmas!



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