New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! Can you believe the Holidays are over? It feels like they completely flew by. This holiday season was extra special to us because we got to set our own traditions and experience the wonderful time of the year as a little family.

For New Years we stayed in… I know, i know, but my bed time on a regular day is, in bed by 9:30! My husband was definitely a night owl before we moved in together. Now he gets all drowsy when the clock hits 9pm , muahahah!

We still had a blast though, although I wish we would have stayed up until mid-night. I woke up in the morning to everyone’s  snapchat countdowns to the new year, but oh well. I got my sleep, which is one of my love languages.

I still think our New Years celebration was pretty great. We baked cookies, built a fort out of chairs, all of our pillows and blankets, our lamp (Hectar) and christmas lights. The pictures don’t do it justice! Our fort resembled a huge ghost trying to give you a hug! Then we watched How To Loose A Guy in 10 Days! Filipp is such a good sport! But then of course we had to make up for  the chick flick time and watched Transporter. Then we passed out at around 10, I woke up  at 11 and went to bed, then i woke up again at 1 to wake up my husband , who was still sleeping in the fort. Ahah, honestly the best New Year Ever!!



( I’ll do another post on our New Year’s resolutions and Bucket List)

May God Bless the Year before us!




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