Ode to 2016

So many things happened in the year 2016, many smiles, lots of tears and so many challenges. However, when I was reflecting back on the year, only the blessings stood out right away.

Here are 10 things that made 2016 the most difficult, yet unforgettable year.

1. I lived in Duluth for a full school year. It was difficult being away from family and friends. Life at home doesn’t stop when you leave, so I missed out on so many great memories of my family.  However living  alone really trained me in independence.

2. I got engaged!! It was so so cold outside, but family was there, my most treasured friends. I think that’s when I realized how important the people around me were to me. It was like a huge circle of loving hearts!!

3. I was over an hour late to my own proposal…. My mom and I went shopping prior to my “date” with Filipp and we lost our car!!  Oh goshhhh, he is still a bit salty about that.

4. I  got to practice my profession at a Middle School. I taught a few lessons to my 8th graders and loved every moment of it. I miss it oh so much! Nothing beats the moment your students light up with ideas about the topic you teach!! I called Filipp after every lesson just to express how much joy I had pouring out of me!

5. I found my wedding dress! It was the most difficult, annoying and heart breaking experience.  Yeah it was fun the first couple of shops.. but months later … and still nada! Let’s just say I’m glad that is behind me.

6. I still can’t believe that all the stressful wedding planning is OVER! So happy I only have to do it once.

7. I got to experience the island of Maui with my amazing love!! There is no one I’d rather be traveling with but him. He is my person for life and i am so excited for what ever else God has in-store for us.

8. We got to visit the city of Chicago with my sister and her friend. It was so so fun!

9. I transferred schools. I guess this is one of the obstacles from last year. I am the kind of person who loves to learn. I soak up new information. I transferred from a school I absolutely adored to a school that I dreaded to attend.

10. God blessed me with a new job which I have no idea where it came from and that I am definitely not qualified for. I love it so much! Before, I had my life written out and then everything just fell apart. My plans, dreams and even abilities just dispersed.  Now I am living a life conducted by my God and it is so much better than anything I would have planned.


11. (I know I said 10) I started this blog, still not sure if it was the greatest decision. Hey, it’s a nice way to organize memories!

To wrap it up, this year has been one heck of an experience. Like a roller coaster, it scooped me up and threw me down, but I am so grateful that it did.

Lesson of the year: Trust in God and let Him write out your life because boy is He creative!

We are so excited to kick off the New Year! We will be sharing our up coming travel plans soon!!

– If you stuck around till the end, give yourselves a hug. That was one long rant and no pictures 😣


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