January Heatwave

Good morning wonderful!

It is 30 degrees outside, how awesome?! Too bad Minnesota is just teasing us and there is still a whole lot of winter up ahead.

Anyways just wanted to quickly share a business casual outfit that looks classic and is so comfy!


This guy left for another two weeks =(  When you are in a long term relationship it is easy to get used to the butterflies in your stomach. However, when you are a apart all of those feelings rush back and fill you will love for that significant other. I am so cheesy, it has only been four days since he left and I am already dying over here!img_8076

Here are the outfit details:

  1. Sweater
  2. Pants
  3. Bag, ( Got this on Boohoo.com, do not recommend, the zippers get stuck. )



Weekly Points:

Mind:  Be positive and optimistic! Life is great!


Body: I started the BBG Program and am on week 2! It is kicking my butt!!
Spirit: Ponder on what heaven is like. Often times we forget how awesome eternity will be there!



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