Bridal Details and Tips

Hello ladies! This post will be directed to the details of my wedding look.  I have been asked by numerous girls regarding the stylist I had for both my hair and makeup. Sooo read below!


The Things That I Put The Most Emphasis On:

  1. My dress. Like I mentioned in a previous post , it took me months of find my dress.The process  was not very fun and so frustrating. I worked at a bridal salon for almost two years and have seen every type of dress. So impressing me was extremely difficult! If you are gal who is not engaged, DO NOT TRY ON WEDDING DRESSES!! It may seem so harmless and fun, but don’t do it!!! I did.. I probably tried on dozens before I even got engaged (due to my job).  0986-2
  2. My Hair. This is extremely important! Unless you are having your hair simply down, definitely hire a hair dresser! I cannot explain how important this is. Your wedding day will most likely be long and most of the time a non-professional hair style will uncurl or fall apart within a couple of hours. Once it is time to decide how you want to wear your hair, you should already have your dress picked out because different necklines coincide with various types of hairstyles. My dress had a V neckline and a sheer back. To me having long hair was more important than showing the back of my dress, so my hair was pulled away form my face and intertwined in the back. Once you hire a stylist, if possible, have a trial. This is not necessarily for you but for the hair dresser. They will know your hair, how it holds, how thick it is. I had a trial a month before my wedding early in the morning. I then experienced it for a whole day. Then I updated my stylist on the way my hair was holding up and how I would like to change it. Trials are not very expensive and you get to be all dolled up for a day! =) My Hairstylist: Heidi0846-20875-2
  3. My Makeup. Once again I would recommend hiring a professional make-up artist, but if I got to choose between hair and make-up, I would splurge on the hair 😉 If you do hire an artist, see if you can have a trial. So that they know your skin tone, skin blemishes, and what colors suit your style. It is never a bad thing to be over prepared. However, if you do not want to spend money on a make up artist…GO BUY MAKEUP!! Not the drug-store kind, but the kind you usually walk past. Go to Sephora, the girls there will help you find your tones. I bought the lipstick I used for my wedding and it is always so sentimental when I put it on.  If you stick with doing it yourself, practice practice, practice! Also, take care of your skin like it is your child before your day! Exfoliate once a week, masks, moisturize, steam, so so much more!! My Makeup Artist: Jurgita (
  4. My Flowers. I had a flower wreath in my hair! Boy did that stir opinions, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I had my wreathe made by Sadie’s Floral and they were wonderful! I also did a trail one before hand but would not recommend it unless you are extremely particular. Just provide them with detailed instructions and the color scheme.They will nail it and even go beyond!
  5. Just be You! The only people that matter that day are you and your hunny. People will talk to matter how hard you try to please them. Make your wedding how you want it! Ultimately it is your special day!


Thanks for reading! Best wishes,




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