Face Makeup + Photo Tips

I am so excited to share my absolute favorite products with you guys.They are all on my face in the photos =) I would not be sharing them unless I really did love them.( I wouldn’t want you to spend your money on  iffy products.)


  1. Foundation: No 7 Lift and Luminate (SPF 15) : When I bought this foundation it was  a bit of  a splurge ($17) Which is pretty expensive when compared to other brands that top off at $10. I have a few acne scars on my cheeks that often times do not get covered by other foundations. ( You can see them on my cheek just a little in the last profile, photo) This guy is very build-able and does the job! I love it! *Doesn’t seep into your pores *Not cakie *Very light and breathable *No break-outs
  2. Mascara: Two Faced Better Than Sex. I mentioned this mascara in another post and still going strong. This little thing stays on forever!! I love the brush shape as well.
  3. Bronzer : Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends.
  4. Highlighter: Calypso Luna I never wore highlighter until like a few months ago.. I never believed in it. Then I tried it on the top of my cheek bones… and LOVED it!!! It really does make a difference in the radiance of your skin. That extra glow can take you so far! This highlighter is pretty great, but I am not sure if I like the purple undertone.
  5. Concealer: Bye Bye Under Eye My skin is very thin, so my veins are visible around my eyes, some days more than others. Ahaha I know.. kind of freaky. So I  only put this under my eyes to even out the skin. (Tip: The skin around your eyes is extremely fragile, apply the concealer with your ring finger, it is the most gentile) P.S. Just buy the sample size, it will last you forever!!
  6. Foundation:   Neutrogena Skin Clear   I use this foundation mostly for mixing. Yes, I  mix my foundations, and yes it is wonderful!
  7. Eye shadow:   Marsk  I rarely wear eye shadow. It is fun to play around with, but I strive to go for more natural looks most of my days. I did want to mention this one because of how easy it applies and stays on!! Like I mentioned above, your skin around the eyes is very delicate, so having this easy peasy to use eye shadow is a plus when you try to avoid wrinkles.

Girls, remember you are beautifully and wonderfully made! Yes, makeup is fun but don’t rely on it=) Do what every it takes to make yourself feel good, but don’t get carried away=)


Many foundations now a days have a certain SPF to them most range from 10-30. It is great! Protect your skin from those rays. However, have you ever taken a photo, looked back on it and just see your forehead glowing or your entire face all white? Well, when using flash photography, those SPF’s light up! Its crazy! So if you are planning on taking photos and are using flash, just use the foundation with little to no SPF. Cool bean? Cool beans.   (DMV’s use flash.. so beware!)




Here is a pic of my babe. (Filipp and I are both sick at home.) Here he is , all feverish and cute =P



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