6 Months Darling

Hello! Olleh!

Last week we celebrated Filipp’s hair cut! That, and our 6 month anniversary. (No biggie)




I wanted to write about the things I love about our marriage and my husband but figured it would be a five page paper.=) You are welcome.

Outfit Details:

  1. Dress : Badgley Mishka This dress is so fun to wear. It..has..a ..cape! I am a real stickler when it comes to fabric, I learned the quality difference when I worked with Designer Wedding gowns, and can never settle for yukky fabric.
  2. Hair: It is an inverted Dutch braid. I am thinking of maybe doing a tutorial on it? It’ll be fun to film!



** Special thanks to our amazing photographer, Igor K.**

As always, Thank you for stopping by!


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