Style Your Mini

Jumping straight into this one! I am the kind of girl that will take a skirt over pants any day. However, most skirts are a little too short, especially on me. I am 5 ft 9in, most mini dresses are shirts on me, lol. (If you ever get into the drivers seat of my car you will find yourself awkwardly positioned. My arms need to be closer to the steering wheel then  normal and my legs are so long they do not fit straight so I drive with my knees slanted to the side. Very lady like =P)

So here are a few tips that can help you be more comfortable wearing those super cute mini’s.

  1. Wear your mini with a long cardigan or duster. ALSO, the longer duster with a shorter dress/ skirt will make your legs look longer 😉
  2. Wear you mini with thick black tights. That way it becomes more appropriate since all of your skin isn’t showing.
  3. Pair your mini with over the knee boots. This is wonderful for my Minnesotans because we can literally pull off boots 9 months of the year ( if not more).
  4. Buy a mini a few sizes bigger, I do this a lot for skirts that are meant to sit at your waist. I simply buy it at few sizes bigger, it falls down to my hips, and ta-da! Your skirt is an appropriate length!

img_8979img_8975img_8993img_8980img_8976Fun Fact: I told Filipp I loved him for the first time at this Mural in Minneapolis three years ago.  (It was soooooooo awkward but I had to do it!)img_8988img_8998img_9026img_9000img_9003

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Duster: here (Use code BASIC20 ), here  / Skirt: Mine is no longer on , similar here / Bag: this one is  on major sale! here / Shirt: here, here  (30% Student Discount)

Side Note: Many of you have been asking about my braids and I might be doing a tutorial or two on the big ones  I usually  do. We bought a new camera and recording on it is 10000x times easier since it has automatic focus. Let me know if there is any hair style you would want be to re-create!

Filipp left for another three weeks today. I always feel so prepared until I see him walk away with his suitcases and I drive home alone. Time away from each other really does make us realize how much we need one another in this life. This past Friday we taught a lesson about Adultery, Lust and Divorce ( Matthew 5:27-32). It was our first time presenting a lesson together to our awesome teens! Last year, when I taught Middle Schooler’s, I used to call Filipp after the lesson and freak out about the “teacher high” I would get after having a great day at school . This time, it was both of us experiencing it. Imagine  you are standing on stage, presenting God’s Word, look over and see your husband just knock it out of the park. It was so great to serve together in that way! Still brings a smile to my face!

Have a blessed week my humans! -Olesya


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