Kitchen Reveal: Where the magic happens!


Espresso Machine (here) / Latte Cup & Saucer (here) / Dresser, (similar here) /Mule Mugs  (here)/ Copper Rack (here) / Cookware Set (here)



When we were apartment shopping last year I remember this kitchen was the selling point. I very much dislike kitchens that are basically a hallway. I feel like there is absolutely no room to create magic, which is food. Food glorious, wonderful food. So when we stumbled across this guy I could not stop talking about the kitchen!

So here are a few photos of my favorite room. 😅


1. If you plan on buying the Breville Espresso Machine definetly do so at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have the best warranty! This is actually our second machine. When the first one started to act up we just brought it in and recieved a brand new one!

2. If you have limited storage get yourself one of these cookware racks!!! All of those pots would have taken up so many cabinets! Plus I think it is a nice touch.

3. If you are a copper fan like me, and purchase copper cookware… prepare!! It is extremely high maintenance! But definitely worth it!

4. I have been trying to be more welcoming in my home. Sometimes it is difficult to invite people over because I feel like our place is so small!! However, I know how rewarding it is to be hospitable and have been trying to work on that part of me. Sooo if you are ever in town, feel free to stop by! I’ll whip up a waffle and latte for you:) My parents have always been the kind of people with doors open wide for anyone. Sometimes we would wake up and find the most random people sleeping on our couches, basement, or pool room.  I look up to my folks when it comes to that!

Have a great rest of the week. It is Thursday, almost there!






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