Antelope Island, Where Bison Roam and Bugs Reign

Hi guys! Today I will be sharing our Antelope Island tips and tricks, as well as a few photos. I lied… a whole lot of photos!!


This was hands down one of the most beautiful and cared for state parks! The wild life is very well preserved. The hikes and look out points are not cemented down for easy access, which I count as a major plus. You gotta work for the extra epic views.


So unreal!IMG_9735

See  those itty bitty bugs? Yeah, the follow you. #fanbugsIMG_9763IMG_9745IMG_9771IMG_9796IMG_9743IMG_9783IMG_9709IMG_9803IMG_9764

I know, I am such a tourist..IMG_9748IMG_9769IMG_9746Aquafina Ad..ahaha!IMG_9715



Tip#1: It is a state park so prepare to pay $10 prior to entry. (They do take cards) It is worth every penny!

Tip #2: Don’t wear flip flops, just don’t do it. Unless you plan on never walking, ever.

Tip #3: Bugs, stay away from bushes. Or else….

Tips #4: Try to visit every look out! The hikes are fairly short.


IMG_9789It’s not just wind in my hair, a mixture of bugs, twigs and occasional sand.


Have a fantastic week! We unpacked completely this past weekend. Woop, woop!



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