When Filipp and Olesya Travel, Things Happen

IMG_1594You all remember the post I wrote about our adventure of commuting in Paris? (here) Well you are in for another treat. When it was time for us to fly home, we ran into quite a few hiccups…MAJOR HICCUPS!

  1. We were flying in from Nice to Paris to catch our international flight. Any who, the plane we were on arrived 30 minutes late and once it landed, just drove around for a good 20 minutes.
  2. Once everyone snailed their way off the plane it took the baggage 30 minutes to arrive! This put us a good hour and a half behind schedule!
  3. We ran to get our bags re-checked in. Everyone looked at us like we were a couple of psychos, arriving 30 minutes before our gate closes.
  4. The men printing our boarding passes were calling the staff of the plane to make sure they did not leave. They warned us that our baggage might not make it to our plane and may arrive some other time.
  5. Once we had our boarding passes in hand they told us to book it! We were running like the wind ( definitely not as graceful).
  6. As we turned the corner we saw a jaw dropping line of a good 500-600 people waiting to get through Customs!
  7. Filipp asked every worker he saw if we could cut to the front because our plane was leaving in 15 minutes! They all said no…
  8. As we stood in the endless line, we had Delta on the phone to see if we could go stand by for the next flight. It turned out the only available flight was the next day. Oh, and you gotta pay $800 per person!!!
  9. Hopeless and exhausted we huddled up an prayed. We asked that God would show us his mercy and some how hold the plane.
  10. When people in front of us heard that our flight was about to leave, they all let us go in front! Smiling, they made a little path for us to quickly cut through!
  11. Once we finally made it through customs. We had to take a shuttle across the airport. (Our gate was already closed at this time)
  12. Then there came… security!!! What!? Filipp and I didn’t take our shoes, belts or coats off. They just let it slide! (God is so good!)
  13. Panting we ran up the stairs and saw a man holding a sign with our flight number. We ran up to him, showed our passes as he spoke into his walkies-talkie. Letting the flight crew know that the long awaited peeps were in fact showing up.
  14. Finally G45 was in sight! As we ran up they calmed us down peacefully saying ” Take a breath, you made it.”
  15. Once we boarded the plane it felt like every passenger was applauding. The two panting, sweaty, long awaited people were finally here.
  16. We settled down in our seats, breathless not only by the run but also in awe of our God. How?! We made it, we actually made it.
  17. After 20 minutes, the pilot announced that were was a little mishap with the baggage. That is when we knew, yes that was our baggage causing the mishap. Our suitcases made it on the plane!! Hallelujah!
  18. We giggled in our seats, knowing that the reason the plane took off over 30 minutes late was because of us.

*** Special Thanks To The Delta Team. They all went above an beyond to help us out!***


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