Close to the Heart

I want you to take a minute and think of someone who is close to your heart. Ready? Go! My mind automatically thought of my husband, and then my family. Those are the people I hold close to my heart. For you it might be your child, husband, boyfriend, friend, family..etc. This weekend I was especially grateful for my life. I got to see my girlfriends and then my amazing family.

I partnered up with the most amazing and kind jewelry designer out there. She creates hand stamped jewelry to give us a physical reminder of what is close to our heart.

Words from the designer: “We are a husband and wife team that love working together and find beauty in everyone’s personal stories.  Our pieces reflect a story for everyone and we know everyone’s story is unique and special to them.  It motivates us when we hear our customers stories i.e. when a mom has lost a child and has that child’s name hand stamped on her piece…or that special date we hand stamp in roman numerals for the husband and wife that said I do on a very special date or the mom who wants her children names close to her heart at all times.  It’s in these moments we get energized to reach more and do more.  This inspires us and connects in ways that are deeper to our customers.”

I got the gold bar necklace that says “Tu es mon amour”, which in translation means, “You are my love.” This is dear to me because it reminds me of Filipp. He is the one I have and the one I did not deserve. He is forever my love. It is especially close because it is written in French. This not only reminds me of our trip but also the obstacles God took out of our paths. When we were engaged I had so much anxiety on how we would survive. I was 19 when we got married and he was 20, so very young! However, God has been looking out for us. We have never been in need and could even afford going to Paris in our first year of marriage. Crazy, right?!

ElleLaneDesigns jewelry is a perfect sentimental gift and guess what? Mother’s Day is just around the river bend!! (Channeling my inner Pocahontas) Check out her website here.


Have a blessed week my wonderful people!


*In Partnership with ElleLane Designs


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