How to Travel on a Budget

Hello my adventurous people! In this post I want to give you some tips and hacks on how you can travel on a budget.

Filipp and I both work full-time, because money does not fall from the sky. We looked for it but no dice. So yes, you have to put some work into this! Traveling will seem out of the question if you don’t set it as a goal. Sit down and give yourself a mental pep talk. “Hey gorgeous, you are going to France this spring! Exciting right? Well you better get on with it!” Filipp said as he looked in the mirror.

Tip #1: Save your Dinero!

This may sound like a no brainier but it is so crucial! Get into a habit of taking out a specific amount each pay check as soon as you get paid. Don’t just devote a dollar sweetie, unless you plan to take a trip to Florida once you retire.  Be realistic, and make sacrifices.

There is also an app you can use =) It is called Qapital. Basically, every time you swipe your card it takes out $1.00 or more if you want and puts it towards your specific savings goal.

Tip #2: Use Your Eyes to their Fullest Potential, Watch for Flight Deals 

I keep a spread sheet of prices for our potential flights months in advance of actually purchasing the tickets.

Use / (this one is cool because you can pick a whole month and see the cheapest day to fly in and out)

If you have a flexible schedule check this site out Make sure to check daily because the flights come and go!

If you are traveling in Europe, use to get a cheaper rate.

Tip #3: Hey Love, Use Hostels! 

Hotels are expensive… very, very expensive! So unless you have a good deal or want to have that extra bit of luxury, look for hostels. We stayed at airbnbs in Paris, Nice and are now booking a HomeAway for Banff. Be safe, read reviews and remember you get what you pay for =)

Websites you can use :

Tip #4: Do Your Research, Oh Wise One

We do something that you may frown upon… but hey… we gotta save! After booking flights for a trip we go into Barnes and Noble, grab a bunch of travel books written about our destination and go to work! (p.s. we do buy a notebook at B&N to make up for our cheapness). Basically we spread out on the floor, get our pen out and take notes on anything we might want to do. We did this for France and Hawaii! It is a life savor!! Yes, you can research online but having a published book is always a bit safer than taking someones word for it, or reading it on a blog.. (*cricket *cricket*).

Tip #5: Be a Transportation Genius

Do not use taxis! Yes, there are circumstances where you just have no other option, but more times than not there are Ubers, Lyfts, Metros, Trains, Buses, Bicycles and your feet. Save on this and splurge on something else =)

Tip #6: The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side, Especially if You Live in MN…

I get it.. The Midwest is sometimes a tricky place to live in if you have a craving for adventure! However, it does have it’s beauty. For the next couple of years we want to turn the Midwest upside down and find it’s gems.

This may seem like so much work that requires sacrifice and patience, but it’s worth it. We fell in love with traveling. Every time I look through our photos, the butterflies in my stomach come alive. Some days we want to drop everything and go!!





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