Embroidered Nude Maxi

Hello all! I hope your week was off to a great start!


We took these photos on Sunday morning at one of my favorite parks, Centennial Lake. Most of you from the Twin Cities area are probably very familiar with this spot.  Nothing like an early morning stroll here with a hot cup of coffee!



DRESS, I was on a wait-list to get this dress for a couple of weeks and it was so worth it! (another cute one here, here and here ) / NAIL POLISH, I wanted to mention it because I have been loving it lately. I have very bad nails, they are so thin and chip easily. I got this polish through my Ipsy bag. It is free of harsh chemicals and helps your nails grow strong! I’ve noticed such a big difference!! If you do not have a subscription to Ipsy, I highly recommend that you get one. It is only $10 a month, free shipping and you get so much out of it!!


Some nights, like tonight, Filipp and I have a spa night. We light a candle, make mud masks and have a relaxing evening. Let’s be honest though, most of the time it’s me pampering myself while Filipp participates with just his presence. =P


Thank you for stopping by!


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