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Hi all,

I always love reading blogs that  show you the day to day life of the writer. Often times we share photos and videos that only highlight the best and most prominent times of our lives. We keep every thing happy and perfect. Well, I certainly know my life is not all rainbows and butterflies, although at times it does feel like it =).

Today I just want to share little glimpses of my thoughts and things I have been up to!


  1. My summer semester started today! This should be interesting. Working full time already jumbles my brains, can’t wait to go to a 3 hour lecture right after.
  2. I am also determined on starting Keto again! The first week is always so brutal and I usually give up on day 3 or 4. But announcing it on here may keep me more accountable? Hope so!
  3. We are looking at apartments to move into at the end of summer and I can’t help but look at the one’s out of state =D Kind of a dreamer over here. ( We are staying in MN for next foreseeable future)
  4. Okay this is gross.. So Filipp and I carpool to work every day. It is so nice, but also means I never ever touch my car. My car has started to smell sooooo bad last month, I could not figure out what it was!! I was so scared to look under my seats because I thought it was a dead mouse rotting. Well, anyways, my car stood unused for about a month and I finally went at it today. Guess what the smell was? …. Salmon, it must have fallen out of my grocery bags in the trunk. I know! Disgusting, I am usually not this gross.
  5. We have been making okroshka non stop over here! It is a Russian cold salad type of soup. So yummy!
  6. I have two pink pineapples!
  7. We are hoping to go to New York in September, keeping our fingers crossed!

-Thanks for catching up!


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