Hair Serums and Why You Need Them







I used to bleach my hair like there is no tomorrow, now I just get highlights. Regardless, my hair is fairly damaged on the ends. Last year it felt just like doll hair! It was very flimsy and difficult to brush. I started to use various masks, serums and deep conditioners that have softened my mane. Today I want to share a few products that I have tried and give you gals some honest reviews.



I love how thick this serum is!


South Mane Hair Serum /  Renewing Argan Oil Spray /  Maracuja Oil / Theorie Oil 

1. South Mane Hair: I love it! The pipette makes it easy to use, I only need a drop or two for my ends. The serum is heavy but it did improve my ends. Cannot wait to get a bigger bottle once it is back up!

   2. Renewing Argan Oil Spray: I use this guy quite often and it does the job. I mostly                 spray it on my ends and on fly away (baby hairs). It is very affordable!

   3. Maracuja Oil : This guy is for your face. It is supposed to eliminate lines and    transform your skin. I didn’t see a difference and it felt extremely oil on my face. My skin didn’t soak it in, but maybe it will work for you? I read other reviews about it and people are head over heels for it!

4. Theorie Oil: Amazing, Amazing and Amazing!! The smell is heaven, the thickness is just right! The only thing I can complain about is that there is no cute lil pipette, but it still is easy to use.

5. Gisou Hair Oil: I haven’t tried it yet, but it is definitely on my to – do list. It is infused with honey and the story behind it is so cute! Negin, is one of my favorite social media influencers and she did such an amazing job with this campaign. I just wish the shipping to the US wasn’t so pricy! I guess I have to go to the Netherlands 😛


Why You Need Hair Serums

Even if you do not bleach your hair or dye it (props to you!) our hair gets damaged. The damage can be caused my hot tools or even the sun! When we have dry skin on our hands it drives us up the walls. Same with our lips, chapped lips equals everything is coming down!! Why don’t we treat our hair when it is dry? Once you start doing hair masks, using oils the hairs get nourished and start to shine. I like shiny things so sign me up!  Any who, I hope you gals try some serums or just plop a bunch of coconut oil on your head once in a while. Treat your hair!




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