Sister Date

Last weekend was such a great one! Lots and lots of family time went on and my sister graduated nursing school! I can’t believe that phase of her life is over!! I remember sitting on her bed, listening to how difficult nursing school was. ( That went on for 3 years!!)  All those venting sessions earned me the right to be the person to pin her for the ceremony! It meant so much to me!

The next day we decided to go on a little sister date.  I love that she is one of my very best friends. Once you get older you realize that family is so precious. Friends come and go, but sisters are there forever! I love that she HAS to be my friend ;P

We went to the coolest farmers market and then walked to Keys Cafe for some brunch.




My Weirdos Forever!

I hope you all have the best week! Last week at work was a bit brutal, many things went south and some turns of events were unfair. Just a very messy week. This urged me to start praying before my work day. Often times we rely on ourselves in many aspects of life, like work/school and forget that God is ultimately in control. It is nice to know that whatever may happen it is according to God’s plan. No matter how rude someone may be to you, just remember that God is your Father and He sees it all =)


I hope none of you have to go through tough moments this week!




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