Mustard and Moving Update!


Kimono / Jeans , similar here / Sandals

We are moving!! You may think, “Big deal” or “It’s just another city” but my friend it is one big deal to us! AH!  We are moving to St.Paul, it is the capital of our state. I know, I know, major city folks over here, ha! Our lease ends mid August so we have a bit more time to enjoy our first home.

For the past two weeks Filipp and I somehow end up walking around our new neighborhood. It’s like we are pulled there. I love discovering new coffee shops, restaurants and streets that will soon become home!

I wanted to give a quick run down on a few things crossing my mind:

  1. “God is good all the time. And all the time God is good!” Have you heard the new Hillsong album? Man, go listen to it and rediscover how mighty our God is!

     2. Keto went well! For those of you who remember I decided to start Keto again and did it for three weeks with one cheat day being Saturday. At first it was so difficult but after a while you get used to it and love it! The reason I had to end it is because it does get a little expensive and time consuming. I definitely recommend doing this as a little reset for yourselves. Funny story! So on Saturdays Filipp and I would go to the Original Pancake house to load up on the carbs I missed out on during the week. I would always get a little too excited and wake up at 5:30AM ready to go eat some pancakes. On the first Saturday Filipp refused to get out of the bed that early so the week after I lied and said it was already 8:30 when in reality it was only six. We arrived to the pancake house right when it opened! Even the bread truck was not there yet.. oops!

    3. We are leaving to Canada next week!! I am most excited to kayak Lake Louise! Stay tuned for pictures and stories. Also we are going on this trip with my side of the family, a.k.a. “the nut house.” If you have ever met my brothers, you know exactly what I am talking about. Yes, one of them tried to save Jesus in a Christmas play (he was in the audience).

     4. My sister in law recently welcomed a baby boy into their family. He is now 7 weeks old and is such a little chubster! Whenever we go out to eat I get to hold him and it is one of my favorite things!

Thanks for catching up!

– Olesya


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