Healthy Summer



Ever since summer began we head down to a Farmers Market to pick up a few local greens! There is nothing like a fresh bunch of lettuce, onion and kale, mmmm!!! It makes a pretty bouquet too 😉


Filipp is not a huge salad eater. Once in a blue moon he will touch one but it HAS to have avocados and spinach.

So we make omelettes!! I put as much veggies into the eggs. Once it is done, top it off with some kale sprouts, so so gooood!

Don’t you love the pictures of Filipp cutting the onion? 😁 We have a spinning fan right above the dinner table. I stepped on a stool to take the photos and got knocked down by it. I was pretty out so holding a knife would not be the best idea. My hand model husband, to the rescue!!

We hope you get out to at least one farmers market this summer. If you go to the one in St. Paul on Saturday mornings, you might run into us!

Happy Friday loves!!





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