Sunny Day on Lake Louise


CARDIGAN / DRESS / J CREW BOOTS (old) similar here


Lake Louise was jaw dropping… I mean WHOAAA! It is definitely the most gorgeous lake I have ever seen. The water is clear and such a beautiful blue color.

We hiked to the lake which took longer than expected. Picture this… Filipp carrying our hiking backpack on his back, our camera bag on his chest and my chunky 4 year old brother on his shoulders. (Husband material right here!!) When we stopped to ask for directions we were pointed to a completely different way, thus making us walk an extra 40 minutes. By the time we made it to Lake Louise it was mid after noon and the crowds of tourist were jamming on the piers. We were not about to battle for some picture space so we went to the Fairmont Chateau for some lunch. It was so yummy (the portion sizes are very European) My dad, a pretty big guy, ended up having the tiniest meal aha!! I loved it, every bite was so savory! Our waiter told us that the lake is frozen up until June! So we came here during a good, warm time.

We walked around the lake and were in awe of the sight before us. How mighty and creative is our God!? He has the power to create beautiful things! This Earth, every little organism and molecule! He directs the winds and currents. He is the ULTIMATE master of it all. How beautiful is His imagination? How great is it that He decided to share the wonders with us?!


I will be sharing more of our trip soon!





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  1. The two girls in the city
    July 6, 2017 / 11:43 am

    Beautiful picture..

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