New and Improved!

Welcome to our new space! We are so excited to have this new layout. If you are visiting through your phone,  you have to try viewing the blog from a desktop. I think you will love it!

Filipp and I spent weeks trying to figure out the new hosting systems, themes and transfer. Finally, we have a site we are truly proud of!

We wanted to reintroduced our blog and give you an overview of what you may expect from us.

Once we’ve settled down you can expect:

  1. Many more hair tutorials! I will do my best to address all the questions you guys had. I am thinking of doing more picture step by steps rather than videos.
  2. Travel Guides! We will be sure to take you along any adventures that we will embark on. We invested into a DJI Drone and boy are we excited to show you what we are working on!
  3. Fashion and Style! I will continue doing outfit posts as well as interacting with designers and showing you the behind the scenes (when possible). I will be attending New York Fashion Week this Fall and will try my best to document a few shows for you!
  4. Home and Lifestyle: This includes home decor, DIY, recipes and anything else I will find and want to share!
  5. You will see more of Filipp!! YESSS!! We are currently enrolled in photography courses together. Learning side by side and working on cool new projects! You will see a lot more work from him =) I will also start including “Men’s Picks” in my fashion posts.

We are so blessed with everyone who reads our work. It is always fun to bump into you guys in the “real” world and hear your feed back. God has been so good to us, opening doors and our eyes to new things! We are most excited about sharing these blessings and struggles that come our way.


Before you go I want to share this dress with you all! It is one of my ALL TIME favorites! It is light, airy and long!! I am 5′ 9” and there is still extra fabric to play around with. You can also browse it in petites, my dainty girls.



Behind the scenes: So these photos may look super squeaky clean, but little do you know that I completely wiped out shortly after we started shooting. I tried to get up on a ledge and jumped/pushed myself too hard that I spun and fell smack down on my knees. The back of the dress was all in blood and my knees are currently purple and black. Ha! So majestic, I know. **Tips on getting dirt and blood out are greatly appreciated.


DRESS, similar here and here


Filipp & Olesya


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