Mild Obsessions, Chewed Hems and High Waists

Who else noticed the fun denims trotting back into our lives? I sure did! I wanted to share this look with all of you to encourage you to try something new! If you have been wearing skinny jeans your whole life, props to you, but try a different cut next time! Every store, designer, even line have a variety of cuts. If you tried on culottes once and they were a  no go, try it again, but maybe in a different store.

Our bodies are so different, there is no way one pair jeans could fit and properly flatter everyone. So shop around, try it on and be brave!

I am linking below various styles and cuts for all shapes and sizes. Let me know which ones are your favorite! (My jeans are the Asos Tall)


Joes Jeans / StyleBop / Neiman Marcus / Asos / Asos Curve / Noisy May / Asos Tall / Levi’s / AG Jeans





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