Farewell To Our First Home

Dear Apartment 204,


In your 700 sq ft space you hosted a brand new family. Excited humans, thrilled on life, moved into you days before their big day. Everything about you excited them. They didn’t even notice the broken blinds, doors hanging on for dear life and many of your other not so awesome features. Yet, they loved you! A place of their own, a place they will call home.

First Dinner! No plates, table or chairs. Just a pizza baked on its box.

You were there for their fort nights, cooking disaster, fights, endless puns and dreaming conversations. You saw their struggles and blessings. You saw them pray together and give each other the silent treatment. The ups and downs were shared with you.

First time making bread that could be used as a weapon.

You were there when Filipp left for work trips, weeks at a time. Although your doors were not the greatest you still provided a barrier between the living room and people smoking weed in the halls. Your  community washer destroyed 1/3 of their closet,  but it  gave them the opportunity to bond over scrubbing laundry in the tub and drying it on all of the doors.


Their home was full of entertainment. Hosting their first dinner parties and fellowship groups was such a blast in the cave like atmosphere. Inviting guests over to “Our Place” was the greatest phrase imaginable. Not to mention the daily singing at exactly 8PM from the next door neighbor. He was actually pretty good! The favorite performance was “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in an opera voice.

Apartment 204, you saw  their life change before their eyes. The dance parties performed from pure excitement of the new opportunities that they were receiving. You were there when they bought their first flight. You were there when Olesya received the job offer call, and how blessed they felt. Crying out in thanks to God for his amazing and unconditional love. You were there to witness their exhaustion, the days they rarely saw one another.


Apartment 204, no matter how many struggles they had to deal with while residing in you, they were truly happy. You were a great first home that taught patience and humility.


Today we get a key to our next dwelling place. So long apartment 204. Hello there 504!




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