Classic & Edgy



The softest shirt you will EVER wear. Kepaza by Pernille Fristad is what I am wearing head to ankle. When I received this outfit in the mail I was jumping up and down like a little girl. The quality is perfect and the  fit is just right! I loved the asymmetric cuts on all the pieces, especially the jacket. It is so fun and different from anything you will find at a local store. I am excited to meet the designer herself in a few short weeks!

Filipp and I decided to go out to take these photos and I received 5 compliments in less than an hour of walking around the city. This is when you know the outfit is good =P

Speaking of good…. that pizza is sooo amazing. Do yourself a favor and one day check out the Big River Pizza. My favorite is just plain cheese =)




* In partnership with Pernille Fristad


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