Lilac Dress & 10 Things

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  1.  Story time: My parents, Filipp’s parents and my brothers were helping us move our furniture into our loft on a Friday night. It was getting dark out and there was a big baseball game down the block so we had to move fast. We were all in and out of the place, carrying things, so no one really gave it much thought when they saw two people sitting in my parents’ car. Everyone just assumed it was one of us. WELL IT WASN’T!  The car was found a week later in another city, trashed and totaled. Can you believe it!? There were police officers literally on every corner because of the game and no one could do a thing.
  2.  Filipp came home from his week trip only for the weekend. He is out again until Friday =/
  4.  We have 12 days until our trip to New York City and I am pumped! If you have any food, activity or attraction recommendations please speak up=)
  5.  We also had a few not so great of news come up this week. I won’t be sharing details on here, but if you could say a quick prayer for us, that would be great.
  6.  It has been raining almost every evening and I am loving it. I sit by our huge windows and watch the rain drops pound on the glass.
  7. I am a bit of an over thinker and get scared super easily. One night, I was home alone and it was around 1:00AM. I woke up to a noise that sounded like my front door lock was being picked. I automatically freaked out, grabbed my phone, typed in 911 (didn’t call yet). The noise grew louder and my mind translated it into footsteps making their way down the hall. I jumped out of bed, ran into the living room and stood there staring into the dark. The sound was not footsteps, not even close. It was just really heavy rain pounding against the building. I have a very vibrant imagination!
  8. Lately, I have been loving Ahi Tuna! It is so so good.  A couple of days ago I made it at home and my life is changed for ever! So easy and so good! I might share a recipe one day.
  9. Last Saturday I got my hair stuck in my blow dryer. That’s all I am going to say about that.
  10.  I just finished  Redeeming Love and I am so bummed that it’s over! I was iffy about it until the last few chapters. So good! I got it on AudioBook and it was such a great experience. I listened to it at work and while driving. It makes traffic and my cubicle so much more enjoyable!

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