6 Ways To Shop Like a Millionaire

Not to sound like a cliche, but shopping is very relaxing to me. I know so many girls that absolutely HATE it, not me, I am a competitive shopper. I find the best deals. Just sayin’

My husband used to buy clothing full priced. A shirt for $30 was a’okay for him. Then, he met me.

I am going to share a few of my tips on how to shop like a millionaire on a college students budget.

1. Thrift and Clothes Mentors: We have these stores all over MN, not sure about other states. I love clothes mentor with all of my heart. You can find new, designer dresses for under $20. It’s amazing.

2. Thrift Online.. What! Yes, it’s real. I used ThredUp a couple of times and it did not disappoint. I got my green boots from there (here). You can also sell your clothing to them!

3. Use TJ Maxx and Marshalls to your advantage. Know your brands. I bought a Madgley Mishka gown from TJ for 90$ while it was $560 on the designers site. (here)

4. Buy your shoes at Opitz. Hands down! I got my wedding shoes there for $15!

5. Stay tuned during Fashion Week. You may not be first chair on the runway but you can watch online. The shows held in the fall are glimpses of what will be in the spring. Get ahead and grab the trends before they grow sky high in price. I don’t follow every trend, only the ones that row my boat =) ( Things I noticed thus far : Purples, Stockings, Hat/Caps, Pastels, Silk, Japanese Floral)

6. Be you! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If it doesn’t make you feel rockin’, don’t buy it. Ultimately, our favorite pieces will be the ones that reflect us the most. Stick to that and don’t run after every trend… AKA me in high school, buying rhinestone butt jeans with thick threading all around.


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