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Happy Friday!!

I hope your week went by without any mishaps and many blessings. Sometimes, I concentrate on the negatives of my work day and never really reflect on the positives. From this week, I can definitely say the positive is the new lobby area in our office building!! It is so gorgeous! If you follow we on SnapChat you know what I am talking about.

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I have been eating 85% vegan for the past couple of weeks.  I know that every one watched the “What the Health” documentary but for some reason it really stuck with me. I am a big meat and dairy eater, it’s in my culture and in my family. But after seeing how most of our meat is coming from ill animals, it made me think.

I am in no way becoming a complete vegan, but Filipp and I set a few health goals and standards that we want to follow.  When we were in NYC we were so surprised at how many of the restaurant and go to spots are vegan or have vegan options. The portion sizes are smaller and the menu’s are all so different. This really inspired us to take a look at our relationship with food. Food is fuel for my body, I should treat it as such. We started to incorporate various grains and tons of veggies into our diet! Cooking is a bit more fun, because I actually have to think and try brand new things!


Thank you for catching up!

**Also, huge shout out to KC! She took the photos in this post. She is an amazing girl who has so many talents! It was such a fun shoot! Follow her on Instagram (here)!


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