Us, Kids in NYC


You guys!! My two best friends joined me in NYC last week and it was amazing. We all still have a mental age of 16 whenever we are around each other. Not that we are obnoxious, we just forget the responsibilities of work and home. Stacey got married last year, a month before me, and Mariya is officially a super epic nurse!

You know when you are younger and dream of going on a vacay with your besties? Do it when you get a chance! It is like a honeymoon for your friendship. 24/7 with one another! You get to realize why you are actually still friends! We have quite a few stories from the trip that are just too perfect and will be moments we will look back on years down the road.


Our Homeaway had a fire-escape and we sat out during the evenings. We completely stalked all the apartments across the street. Making up stories of what kind of people live there and guessing how much it costs.  We also thought of various possibilities to make a move to NYC all together. Haha, so far none of those are realistic!


We are really motivated to go on a trip like this annually! We shall see!




  1. Mariya
    September 26, 2017 / 9:27 pm

    Small town girl in the big city 😉

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