New York City – Travel Video & Guide

Welcome to one of our favorite trips! Go to New York City everyone, please, please go! Also, take a look at our video. Let us know what you think!

When ever we go on trips we research it like crazy. New York was over whelming with all of the sights and attractions. In this guide we will narrow it down for you.


Where to stay:

  1. If you are on a budget, stay in an airbnb or homeaway. This is where I stayed with 2 other people. (here). Filipp and I stayed in a hotel (here) because I found a great Groupon deal for it. However, not having a kitchen or a refrigerator was a pretty big deal because we had to go out for everything.
  2. Location wise, stay in Manhattan! Spend a little more and save your time. Places in Brooklyn may be cheaper but you will have to commute everyday. We loved our stay closer to Central Park. The next time we go, we might stay in Brooklyn to get a different feal for the city.

What to see:

So so much! Depending on who you are with and what interests you! Our favorite places were:

  1. Staten Island Ferry: Completely free ride to Staten Island. It is 25 min one way. We loved it! I went on it 4 times =D You get to see the skyline and the Statue of Liberty!
  2. Top of the Rock: It is pricey but worth going! Get there early or later in the evening. The crowds are insane!
  3. Central Park: Wandering around the park never gets old, because it is so huge! My favorite places were Sheep Meadow and Boating on the Lake.
  4. High-line: Strolling here in the evening is so great! Water on one side, a huge city on the other.
  5. Battery Park: I thought this places was beautiful! Come here right after your ferry ride =)
  6. The MET: I never usually recommend museums but I loved the MET. I actually enjoyed it more than the Louvre in Paris. * Eat a yogurt on the steps*
  7. Dumbo Brooklyn: Here you will see the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge! I love it here, so jaw dropping. If you want the bridge to be crowed free, come early or later in the evening.

Where to eat:

Oh my did we get around the food places.  We had a whole day dedicated to eating because there is just so much awesomeness!

  1. Butchers Daughter: Get the 7 Minutes in Heaven Smoothie. Just do it.
  2. Blue Stone Lane: I loved their lattes and granola yogurt! Filipp loved their chicken sandwich and soup.
  3. Alice’s Tea Cup: Go here and have yourself a little tea party! I loved how cute the place was.
  4.  Tiny’s: Okay, the place is tiny but sooooooooo amazing! Definitely amazing food, pricey, but so good! Come here for dinner, make a reservation, just in case.
  5. Paris Baguette: This place was so not good for us, we stayed a block away and came here every morning. Their lattes are divine, Filipp loved their pumpkin spice. Also, get the little croissants!!
  6. Earth Cafe: I loved the atmosphere! Coffee is good, food not so much. It is a good place to kick back and drink coffee.
  7.  Cafe Lalo: Sweet Tooth Heaven! Great avocado toast and such sweet service!


How to get around: 

  1. Get a Metro Card as soon as possible! If you are there for over 3 days, get the 10 day unlimited pass. You will save money. Take the Subway everywhere or walk. Don’t waste your time on cabs, you’ll just stand in traffic.


I hope you are ready to go exploring in the big city!



  1. October 7, 2017 / 5:50 am

    i went to art school in boston and we used to go to NYC / MET all the time! =) NYC has so many great places to visit and eat!!

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