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I feel like it’s been while since I last sat down and blankly wrote what ever is on my mind. So here ya go, a pile of my thoughts and a quick life update!


  1. Today is October 4th (not 3rd lol) and it is the day I published my very first blog post! (here) I am also doing a camera giveaway on my Instagram, if you want to participate, follow this link (here)
  2. Recently we drove down to the middle of nowhere and saw our little puppy! YES!!! YES!! I know! He is only a week old as of now and we have to wait 7 more weeks before we take him home. He is the cutest little chubster and I cannot wait to have him home with us.
  3. I have a very entrepreneurial mind and recently picked up my “business planning” note book. I like to write out my ideas and visions for various things. Maybe one day it will come to life? Or just sit in that note book … patent pending… ( I know, lame jokes galore, but I had to. I work at a patent firm after all)
  4. Ooooo! Okay, so you know how I watch flight prices for potential trips? Anyways, yesterday I opened up priceline to update my spread sheet and a flight to one of our DREAM destinations was on such a great deal! We bought the flights right away! I am so excited! That trip is 211 days away, but who is counting?
  5. I am happy. This weekend I got to reconnect with friends and had my much needed time with God. I could not go to the women’s camp our church was hosting because of work and was super bummed about it. I really wanted that restart in my life. However, God provided. Every guest we had over this week left a good impact on my life. We talked about Christ, missions, prayer and just the struggles we all deal with. God is so good!


xoxo, Olesya


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