San Francisco – Travel Guide

Dear travelers,

Don’t go to San Francisco, go to New York. 

I am going to be honest here, San Francisco is not my piece of cake. I am grateful I got to see the city and check it off my bucket list. I loved the time I got to spend with my sister, reunited with a childhood friend and made new connections, but it is not a place I would come back to.

However, let me list off the places you should visit and do if you ever find yourselves in San Francisco!

To Do:

  1. Go Sailing! It is $45 per person for a 90 minute trip. That is plenty of time my friends! You get to sail by Alcatraz, get a beautiful sky line view and great shots of the Golden Gate Bridge!
  2. Walk the Golden Gate bridge! Even if you don’t want to, you will have to. There are no Ubers or Lyfts that pick you up =P It is such a good walk! The breeze from the ocean running through your hair, and a great memory.
  3.  Go to Baker Beach for sunset. Come relaxed and ready to look at the sunset and the Golden Gate Bridge. Bring a blanket and some tea for the ultimate experience.


Where to Eat:

  1. Jane. I loved this place. Milana and I came here twice. Their lattes are awesome and their avocado toast is hands down the best I have ever had! Not a big fan of their Bird Toast though.
  2. The Mill. Really cute coffee shop! I loved the atmosphere and the coffee. It does get fairly busy though.


Alrighty, that’s about everything I can think of. San Francisco just wasn’t for me. It made me realize how far off the world is now-a-days and how sheltered I am. To me, being afraid to talk openly about Christianity was the major down side. We had a driver who told us that there was a huge fetish festival close to our block. Over 80,000 people attended. After the driver went on and on about it he invited us to a strip club and hooker bar. I told him we weren’t into that. He kept pressing and then I just bluntly said “Sir, we are not going to participate in those thing because we are Christian.” He was not at all phased, in response he stated “Christians go to those places all the time! It’s okay, as long as your heart is good you are good.” At this time we were already pulling up to our hotel and finally got out of the car. He kept yelling out the window about having good hearts and etc. The following morning we were right outside of our hotels and my sister saw a man carrying a knife. No big woop, just casual 8AM strolls.  I don’t want to say that no one should ever go to that city. By all means go and experience it! Maybe it was just the areas we visited, but for me, once was enough. When we were flying home my sister and I  talked about how missionaries are known for going to third world countries and fighting the good fight there. But not many of us realize how lost some places in the US are, I never did.

In the end we all enjoy different things! If you loved San Francisco, what would you recommend seeing?

Thanks for reading and happy travels!




  1. October 7, 2017 / 6:51 am

    How crazy! I went to SF a couple of years ago, and I still salivate thinking of The Mill. SO GOOD! xx


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