Tips on How to Pose for Photos + Photographer Tips

Here is a highly requested post! How do you pose for photos to a) Look Good and b) not look awkward or stiff.

I know, I know!! I struggle with this too, especially when being in front of the camera was a rare occasion.

How to Pose:

Know your good side. Yes, we all have one and you should get familiar with yours. Always try to either tilt your head or stand with your good side to the camera.

Follow a Style Guide! Flattering clothing will naturally make you look and feel better about yourself. Make yourself feel beautiful and it will show in your face and manner. You don’t have to match exactly with your photo members. It is better for you to stick to a color scheme with multiple colors.

Get closer! It looks more authentic and genuine.

How to Look Natural:

Be comfortable in your clothing. If you can’t walk in your shoes, you probably cant pose in them either.

Be comfortable in your surroundings. It’s always a plus to pick a place that has sentimental meaning. Watch the weather and be prepared!

Have accessories on hand to play with. Grab a shawl and throw it around your shoulders. (Thus avoiding the “Where should I put my hand” situation.) Sit on a blanket. Let your kids play with toys or read a book.

Interact with your surroundings. (Please just don’t hug trees or lean passionately against walls)

Make sure you are on good terms with your photo members before the shoot. If Filipp and I got into an argument before posing for photos, it would be really, really hard to hide! Ha!

Note: No busy background. Poses are more natural & relaxed. Colors are more compatible. Also, these are years a part and my composition skills improved quite a lot! (The after was actually a self timer!)

Note: A very slight tilt of the head. Like I mentioned above, know your good side and always try to face it towards the camera.

Note: The “Get closer” concept. The space by their legs in the 1st photo compared to the 2nd.

Note: Awkward and timid in the 1st photo. Second photo : SHABAM! Let me whip out my personality. Don’t be afraid to be you, play with your surroundings and have fun!

Note: Before: Super awkward hand and pose. I don’t know why I keep doing that.. After: Give me a hat and that hand looks just fine! Grab accessories, they help.

For the photographers:

Give your client feed back! “That looks great!” or “Yes! You look beautiful.” Don’t be afraid to say, fix this or that. You see them, they can’t see themselves. Be their mirror!

Don’t be up tight. I like to start a conversation with my clients to get them into a certain mood. If it is a couples shoot, I ask them how they met. They get all lovie and it’s awesome!

Have back up poses planned. I usually have a few pictures saved on my phone and show them to the clients to help them pose. Visual aide is pure awesomeness!

If there are kids involved, plan for extra time. You never know what those lil bugs are planning.

I hope this was helpful to you all! These tips were geared more to family sessions. If you want to see a guide on how to pose for and look good in Instagram photos or, Couples Photos, Senior Photos and/or other occasions, let me know!



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