Silver Bay

COAT (cute one) / TIGHTS / BOOTS

Northern Minnesota is more than just Duluth! It was our very first time visiting Black Sand Beach and will definitely not be our last. The views were INSANE!


We headed out early morning on Saturday, although the forecast called for thunderstorms all day. We were lucky to catch the last bit of colorful leaves!! We packed some bacon and eggs with absolutely no utensils or plates because that is how prepared we always are, ha! No worries there are a few tiny gas stations on the way. It rained on and off but we got a few hours in when the storm faded into a light drizzle. Filipp took his drone up and took some incredible footage which we will share soon!


The girls and I went full on Russian with our “salo” and tea! Cooking our yummy meal out in the great outdoors. It was such a great way to escape the cluttered and busy life for just a day. Sometimes, that is all we need to regroup and reconnect.


On our way home we made a few other pit stops including Betty’s Pies. If you make this journey, it is a-okay to skip it. Not that great and always really busy. Try stopping at the less known diners =)


I want to encourage you to unplug for a day in the outdoors. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just go outside! Breathe in the air! Collect mental photos! Connect with human beings around you!


Adventure On!

– Olesya


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