Hollywood Sign Hike

These photos were from the day we got up before sunrise to hike to the Hollywood Sign. I love traveling to the West Coast because the time difference is so easy to adjust to. Also, waking up is a piece of cake, since they are 2 hours behind our time!

A little tip for the wise: research how to get to the sign prior to actually attempting it. We were fortunate enough to stay very close to it so we parked in the neighborhood right below the hill. Being the smarty that I am, I did not pack any tennis shoes, so I walked barefoot. I figured wearing heels would be a bit worse, ha!


Watching the sunrise over LA was such a great experience! One of the highlights of the trip!

We were in LA during Thanksgiving and since everything was closed we made some awesome Ramen and sat out by the pool playing Uno. Our Airbnb hosts were at the neighbors’ for dinner so we got to enjoy the backyard all to ourselves. If you are traveling to LA we highly recommend staying with Cheryl and Robin, they were such amazing hosts!! Their home is so beautiful and in a wonderful location.


I recently started doing this exercise that reminds me to think of the “now” aspect of my life. I am such a dreamer, you can catch me in my head planning my life 10 years down the road. So during that night, I really tried to take mental pictures and live in the moment. Filipp and I dipping our toes in the pool, swirling the noodles around the spoon, watching the sunset and the neighborhood sitting out with their families. In that moment all I needed to do was kick Filipp’s butt in Uno, I needed to get rid of my cards! In that moment I was with him. In that moment I felt immensely blessed. And yes, I did kick his butt! Muahaha!



Black TOP / Black BOTTOM

Two Piece Set (similar here) I bought mine on Anthropologie on a big sale but it was not in my size. I opened up the seams and  brought it in a few centimeters. Ta-da!


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