How To: Grow Out Long Hair

You can easily have long hair with one swipe of a credit card: buy hair extensions. I have em! (Insert shocking gasps)

I don’t wear them all the time but I do on occasion. I bought them for my wedding and see them as a great investment if you like to play with your hair. You can view the ones I have here.

However, I have been growing out my hair ever since I got a super short bob. I can finally say my hair is “long” after years of awkward stages. I mostly use my hair extensions when I want to do a crazy hairstyle with many braids and a whole lot of volume, but you can definitely go without them.


(No extensions in the photos)

Here are a few tips to help you grow long hair naturally:

  1. Use heat protectant and try to avoid heat as much as possible. I only blow dry my hair when I am in a time crunch. 90% of the time I air dry it.
  2. Nourish your hair through masks. I use deep conditioning mask on my hair at least once a week. You can make them or buy them in stores. It really isn’t too hard! Here is a post I wrote on the avocado mask I make. This is a post I wrote on various hair oils and serums.
  3. Take it easy when brushing your hair. Your follicles are fragile and being fierce with your hairbrush breaks them. Be gentle and if your hair is wet, use a wet brush or a wire bristle brush.
  4. Avoid haircuts. There I said it. If you cut your hair every 3 months you will never grow it out. Only get a trim if you need it. I have split ends but I try to fix them through deep conditioning and oils rather than scissors. However, a trim once in long while is necessary.
  5. Take Biotin: This is through word of mouth. I never stuck through a routine of taking vitamins. Mostly because I have a tough time swallowing pills and remembering to take them. Give it a go if you wish!

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