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We celebrated my 21st last weekend by doing some of my favorite things! For breakfast we went out to Astoria Cafe which is spectacular! It recently opened and not a lot of people knew about it, but the word got around and now the cafe is always full of people. As it should be! Their orange zest crepes are my favorite.

Then we had the best service at church and we got to sit with my family! This happens rarely because we go to different services. The sermon was so great, Filipp and I still talk about it!

After, everyone piled into our apartment! I love having my little brothers over because they are always so fascinated by the city. Their favorite thing is the trash chute 😉

I guess the best part was having the people I love most be in our home. I believe one of my gifts is to host. I feel excited and most comfortable being the hostess rather than a guest. So having all of these awesome things together really made me happy, content and so blessed! Guys, God is so good! I am beyond blessed with everything I have in my life. I have an amazing husband, loving family and a great puppy who is almost potty trained!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend you humans!

Xoxo, Olesya


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