Morning on 5th Street

Did you catch the huge snow storm on Monday of last week or was it just me? ;P Those two days of panic really showed us the true Minnesota winter! Imagine if it happened next weekend during the Superbowl!!

It is our first winter living downtown and let me tell ya, it is pretty different. Usually during the cold months it seems like no one is ever outside. The folks living in the city have to get around somehow so there are actually humans on the streets! You still get to be social! Woohoo!

I was walking into Lund’s wearing my best winter snow gear (aka coat down to my ankles and boots up to my knees). A man was walking out and said ” Hey! I got the ugly hat and you got the ugly boots!”. I laughed because… well, because I didn’t know what else to do. I don’t think my boots are ugly dude… they keep me warm and alive so I owe them my respect.

Forever blowing steamy air.

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Let me tell you a heart warming story. So during the storm on Monday it took people hours to get home, school buses in St. Paul didn’t drop off some kiddos until mid-night! Filipp was driving home from work and got stuck a block away from our parking lot! I called him at 5 and he said he got a little stuck but a few guys are helping him out.  Then an hour passed and he still was stuck. I decided to get dressed and go find my husband with my doggy. I pulled on my “ugly” life saving boots and off we went to go rescue Filipp. As soon as I got outside I saw what a mess the streets were. City buses were stuck going up the hill and cars couldn’t even make it through the stops lights without struggling. I saw people from other apartment buildings come outside and push cars up the steeper streets! I finally found my long lost hubby two blocks down. Two men were out there helping him, one pushing the back of his car with his truck and the other guiding Filipp. They were out there for 2 hours with him!! I told them how much I appreciated what they were doing. They responded with “Ah, it’s a neighborly thing to do!”. Honestly, my heart could melt all over again just remembering that. It was so cool to see everyone as a community working together to help complete strangers! My favorite winter day ever!





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