How to Style a Timeless Watch

Do you have that one piece that is your absolute go-to when styling a majority of your outfits? Well we do too! Filipp and I have a small but very practical collection of watches and they all mean something to us. When we go watch shopping the key terms we look for are wearability, comfort and timelessness. Here are a few great questions to ask yourself before purchasing a watch.

  1. How will I wear this? Will it be difficult to style?
  2.  Is my wrist comfortable? Do I still have full movement in my wrist?
  3. Would I wear this in 5 years? How about 10?

We are big believers in price per wear. I can buy a watch for $30 and wear it only once. Or I can buy something a little bit more expensive but wear it for years and years to come!

Watches can also become heirlooms. I have a necklace that I want to pass onto my daughter when she is older. Filipp has a watch that will go down in generations! It makes us feel connected. The purchase we made in 2018 can still be worn by our children, then by their children and so on. How cool is that?

Jord has created something so timeless with a modern twist. All of their watches are wooden and minimalistic! They carry both men’s and women’s collection that are so unique! Not only that, but they also come in the most beautiful packaging. It is a wooden box to store your watch and a little drawer for it’s maintenance kit. Filipp’s watch also has an engraving of “To my love”, just another reminder about his wonderful wife ;D. All the watches can be engraved!

Filipp styled the Hyde watch for his Sunday best look. Here he is wearing his wedding suit by Armani, Burberry scarf and Armani Boots. The watch he chose was the Hyde. Please give him props for dressing up! I kinda made him do it. He walked into Trader Joe’s after church dressed in this outfit and people were complimenting him left and right! Something about a well dressed man carrying naan and frozen peas!

We want you to have a chance to create your own family heirloom. Here is a GIVEAWAY!


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