My First Luxury Designer Shoe

I literally felt sick when buying theses shoes. My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty and my heart was fluttering all around. I probably sat in them for a good hour admiring the work and comparing them to others. I explained to Filipp how the finish on the pointed part of sole prevented scuffing and how the ark of the shoe is molded so perfectly that it makes the shoes the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. Trust me, I have worn many.


I started wearing heels when I was 13.  I don’t mean the cute little girl heels, I wore stilleto’s and pumps. In my head the taller and thinner the heel, the more beautiful the shoe. I cringe just thinking about it.  I was so into this obnoxious style that I purchased “heel-less heels” and actually wore them to church!  Relax your imagination.. here is a picture.

I have heard of Stuart Weitzman and his work many many times! His Nudist Heel made it’s way into many closets including Blake Lively’s, Diane Krueger’s and thousands of females across the globe. This shoe became iconic. The number one reason behind it is “comfort”.


I completely lucked out on the deal I found. We were browsing Opitz and  there they were, in my size, starring at me. I tried them on just for kicks because I have never had a luxury shoe on. As I slipped them on I could not believe how light and easy my steps were. I fell in love and the rest is history.

You can find the exact same ones here!



This is definitely a purchase that needs a bit of thought and saving. When thinking of this item as cost per wear, they are worth every dime! You will see these in many, many posts to come!




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