What To Put On Your Wedding Registry?

Hello there! If you’re looking at this then I guess congratulations are in order! Wedding registries, oh what a wonderful beast! I personally love to look up couple’s registries because it gives me a sense of who they are and a sneak peak into their future home. I know, I am a creep, let’s move on.

The first question to tackle is: where should I register? I highly recommend registering at Bed Bath and Beyond! They have the best return policies. I mean the best! You can return items on your wedding registry list whenever. We returned about 10 items a year after our wedding. We either never used them, they took up a lot of space or we just did not like them. Plus your guests love using their 20% off coupon on big items.

If you want to get more unique items you can register at Crate and Barrel! Shocker here… you can have more than one registry! We had one at BBB and Crate and Barrel. I think that was a very good mix for our taste. Also Crate and Barrel has really fun activities for couples! They open earlier just for you to walk around with your little scanning thingy. So fun! BBB has the same thing but after your wedding. I remember Filipp was in Mexico and I had to Skype him on my phone during the “couples” event.

I don’t want to put more stress on you my friend but your registry actually makes you vulnerable. People will judge your taste and the items you are asking for. I beg of you… do not put anything on your registry that is under $50. Stick to essentials and things you would rather receive as gifts and not something you can easily buy yourself at Target or HomeGoods. Keep you registry clean and essential.  I know those rose gold napkins look awesome, but do you really need them?

Questions you should ask yourself before scanning in the item:

  1. Would this be something that we use frequently?
  2. Does it MATCH everything else I am adding?
  3. Do I know how to use it?…(I bought a bread maker and had no idea how to use it, we returned it)
  4. Do I have something similar on my registry already?

HERE IT IS! My recommendations for you! (90% of these items I own.)

Kitchen Tips:

Get good quality items, they will last you years to come!

Get expensive knives! The ones above are ours and we love them!

Be careful of copper. It is beautiful but very high maintenance! I only cook special dishes on them because they are a pain clean. However, they are amazing. 

If you are moving into a small space I recommend getting a rack for your pots and pans. It saves space and is chic! I have this one: here

This one is completely up to your taste. In my opinion, food looks best on white plates, thus we got the ones above. I love that they are very sturdy and have a sleek look. Definitely try to match the cups, mugs, and various plates. Also purchase more than you need. If one breaks, you have a back up!

 Having a nice duvet and pillows is a game changer. Go to the store and try out the pillows! It is so fun!

Many of the things you will need can easily be bought at HomeGoods because they are so minor and inexpensive. A couple of things you can probably look into are nice towel and robes. Splurge on something extra soft and cozy!

Let me know if you have questions! Enjoy this time and may you be blessed!


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