Mushu’s Adventure

Hello lovies!

Last week was an adventure for Mushu and I. I picked him up from home after work because I wanted him to have a little free time out of the apartment while I ran errands. I quickly dropped him off at my parents house where he usually chills with their dog in their backyard. Any-who, I get to my hair appointment and as I am getting highlights my mom calls me telling me that they cannot find Mushu anywhere and that one of the neighbors saw him running on another street. I called every animal control place and shelter in the area, no one found him. My brother and mom drove around the neighborhood, posted on the neighborhood page and let everyone know that he was missing. After about 3 hours I honestly thought that we would never find him!! I knew that I was attached to my doggo but the thought of him not being in our lives literarly hurt my heart! It was so painful. It was 7:30pm and still no sign of him, no phone calls, nothing… I could not imagine going home to his empty kennel and all of his elephant toys. The thing about Mushu is that he is extremely friendly. He doesn’t consider anyone a stranger!

It was around 8:15 when we recieved a call from my husband who was in Canada, over 3,000 miles away. He found him! He was at an animal hospital in Prior Lake. Completely different city! We rushed over there with my mom to find Mushu with his head down staring at me. He waddled over, probably thinking he was in trouble. We got home, he went straight to his bed and fell asleep. The poor thing was scared out of his mind. In the morning he did not leave my side! I think he grew up a little bit that day, learned some lessons and has finally gained a little bit of loyalty for his family.

I, on the other hand learned that all though he is just my pet he is dear to me! He is definitely an irreplaceable part of my family. He is ours!

I was flying out to New York that day instead of the day after because of the huge snow storm we were getting. My best friend was house sitting and watching Mushu while Filipp and I were away. Like all of you may know both of my moms come with me on the trip! Stay tuned for a post on the trip!


I quickly wanted to share with you some of the hair accessories I have been dying over because Free People has been killing it in the hair department!!



Have a great week!

Xoxo, Olesya


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