27 Hour Travel To Indonesia

Hello everybody!

We are finally in Indonesia! It was quite the experience getting here. We had our first flight to Detroit, MI, from Detroit to Incheon, South Korea and then Denpasar, Bali! Altogether, it was roughly 27 hours of travel time.3F9506B8-E8B0-47CC-A0BA-E6673180F3E0

To be honest, I thought it would be worse! I feared our flight to Korea like no other! 14 hours on a plane… can you imagine!? We got through that with the help of movies and tons of pillows 😅

When we landed in Korea it was so amazing! Their airport is so technologically advanced and beautiful! Everything is so quiet and clean. We got the chance to go into the priority lounge to rest a little bit. It was full of food and yummy fruits! Also, their bathrooms had the toilets that have all sorts of gadgets. I was geeking out! How cool? I want one when we have a house 🤣

The final stretch was near! One more 7 hour flight and we are in Bali! On that flight, Filipp and I watched the Shallows and let me tell you what a terrible idea that was! As you probably already know, the ocean is my greatest fear. I do not go in further than my knees. Hahah, let’s make it ankles now! 😜

Once we arrived, we needed to exchange USD to Indonesian Rupiah. Like the smarticle particles that we are, we didn’t bring any cash. We thought it would be easier to withdraw from the ATM. Wrong! Bring cash people. Or at least let your bank know ahead of time that you will be traveling. It’s not our first time going outside of the country, I don’t know why we didn’t do this.

A few days later we got a hold of our bank and had them remove the block from our account 😅

Here are a few photos from our first day at the beach! Our first villa was fairly close to Seminyak beach so we went there the most. The guys rented surf boards for only $3! I just drank a ton of coconuts.

This man was the owner of the surf boards. He was having such a great time watching us take the photos! Hahaha, he even gave the guys a few tips on posing 😂😀


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