Blogging 101: How I Started

Hello everyone! Welcome to the series on blogging. I know many of you have question out  of curiosity or because you want to become a blogger yourself! If you are the latter I say, DO IT! You literarly have nothing to loose.

In this post I will be answering the question of “Why I started blogging.” The other posts that will be coming out through out the months will touch the topics of how to get collaborations, how to earn money and ways to get into the fashion industry.

I started my blog in October 2016. I always wanted to start my own site where I could do what ever I wanted. (I had a blog before that but it was private =) ) I craved that little “me” space. At this time Facebook was the way people would share their photos and stories. I wanted something else, my own album if you wish? I started with my very first post on our Honeymoon! I knew a lot of people wanted to see our photos and we wanted to share everything we learned about Hawaii. From where we stayed, to things we wish we knew before going. I saw the feedback I was getting after those went live and I wanted to share more of what I knew. So then came my hair posts and beauty hacks. My most read post from then was my “Flower Petal Facial”, you can read it here.

I was so excited to work on the blog! It was also very frustrating because I had to learn coding, how to install widgets and ways I could display my site in a way that represented me. Everything starting with the basics of our site to photography was all done by us, which is a lot of work and learning. I really do believe that if you want to get into this field you need  knowledge of photography. I cannot recommend constantly relying on other photographer and collaboration to produce your content. I am all for collaborating! I think its a great way to get connected and uplift one another in this industry, but you need to know the basics of processing your own content.  I am so grateful that my husband was so open to spending his free time helping me! He is my photographer 90% of the time. I am then responsible for editing and post processing. As you know, Filipp travels a lot for work. Which means I have to figure out a way to take my own photos, this is when tripods and collaborations come in!

We both still work full time and try to manage our little hobby! I by no means am making a living just by blogging. Maybe one day?


Starting a blog is easy, there are so many platforms that can help you get started completely free. I started at “” now I am on “” and have my own hosting system. All you have to do, is be you. Be original! No one wants a copy of an already existing blogger. Let’s desaturate this market! Bring your ideas, your personality and style to the table!


If you have any other questions you  would want me to address, let me know in the comments below!


Xoxo, Olesya




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