10 Things and Favorites

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to the routinely posted Monday blog! Sorry this one went up so late. I wanted to have a clean living area before I settled down with a cup of tea to talk to you guys!


Here are 10 things that are happening at the moment:


  • I posted these new trousers on my Insta Stories a few days ago and you guys loved them! I checked the link 24 hours later and they were almost sold out! Let me know if you got them!! I would love to know. I wore them to a little date with Filipp and had four women ask me where they are from. I found this new store from the UK and love their inventory! It’s very me, elegant, tailored and edgy! AQ/AQ is the name.


  • I officially decided to close the store on Mondays, at least for the summer. It was getting a little tough going into work 6 days a week. I felt like I was really falling behind on my other duties.


  • Speaking of falling behind. We needed to get laundry done but I had to work so my husband took it into his own hands. He was actually very proud of himself! I went through it a day ago and found a few of my dresses shrunk, ahaha! It’s okay, I guess I have new shirts now =)


  • You probably have all noticed the bump on my jawline. It wasn’t very noticeable before but through out the few months it really grew and is not causing me a bit of pain and discomfort. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for it to be tested and hopefully removed. Going in on Wednesday! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about it. Let’s hope for the best and for it to be benign.


  • I love this floor steamer sooo much at the moment! It is literally the only thing that can clean our loft floors without leaving streaks! You can find it here.


  • There are lots of perks about living in the city. One of the being food trucks! There is this new one that serves frozen bananas dipped in chocolate! I’ve been getting it every Sunday. It’s so amazing!


  • Next weekend we are baby sitting our little nephew, William. His parents are on a dream vacation at the Bahamas right now! I am so excited to have him with us! I have a whole itinerary planned.


  •  I’ve really been thinking of going to NYFW again this September. It’s not for certain yet, but we are looking more into it! I am hoping to get into at least 3 shows before finalizing any plans.


  • We’ve lived in our loft for almost a year now and I still feel like we are moving in. Our picture frames still have random family photos in them…


  • I hope you all have a fantastic week! Let me know if there is anything exciting going on in your life, I would love to know!



Xoxo, Olesya


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